Toilet 💩💩

Toilet 💩💩

Met babe💜

Met babe💜

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Jonghyun cutting his hair


Hahahahahahahah i really love them together…they are sooo cute-funny i´m missing them, i wanna see them together again…

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Me too. Wanna see them again.

The boys playing 가위 바위 보.
The boys playing 가위 바위 보.

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The guests, who are artists, were supposed to draw Soohyuk and Jonghyun in their cartoon style.

They drew Soohyuk as a devil type character, because the artist said that Soohyuk was so scary to look at that the artist was shaking while drawing him.

Meanwhile, the artists drew Jonghyun as an angel with hearts around him. The artist said that Jonghyun’s face “shines”.

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Kim Woo Bin • Ahn Jae Hyeon • Hong Jong Hyun • Lee Jung Suk
i can't handle this!!! >.<